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Medical Centre

During COVID-19 lockdown we used the CAFFE school as a makeshift medical centre, primarily for the families of CAFFE students.

People could come get their temperature, blood pressure and blood glucose levels checked. They could also speak to a doctor online, using a tablet.

Video Description

CodeMe Creator

CAFFE worked with Weatherfield Academy in the UK to develop a computer game called CodeMe Creator. Students developed both graphic design skills as well as learned about game design.

The game allows other children to create their own levels. To date we have over 4500 levels made by children from all over the world.

In the future, we hope to use this game to set a world record as a fundraising activity for CAFFE.

Train Jam

Students took part in a Train Jam. While travelling from Sylhet to Dhaka by train they created apps to help the staff and patients of CRP (Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed).

When they arrived, students presented their apps to the staff who selected their favourite.

The winning app was a Bangla language first aid app.

Lift Lessons

CAFFE students worked with a UK company (Lift Lessons) to develop an educational platform game.

In the game, the player must collect letters and then use those letters to spell out different science words.

Students learned about graphic design, game design and coding.

Amar Kotha App

The Amar Kotha ('My Voice') app was created to help children with speech and language difficulties.

Children simply click on icons to build sentences, which are then spoken by the app.

Students not only learned about app development, they also learned about working with young people with special needs.

The Bit:Badge

CAFFE teacher Roksana and CAFFE student Foyez developed the Bit:Badge using micro:bits. The purpose of the bit badge was to warn parents (especially in villages) if their young child has wandered away from home.

This was their entry video to participate in Mozfest. Both Roksana and Foyez were lucky enough to be selected to take part and they travelled to London to teach other young people how to make the Bit:Badge. 

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