Our mission:

CAFFE provides facilities for young people to develop skills in technology in order to enhance their employment opportunities and maximise their earning potential.

Our programme at a glance

Coding / App

We teach a variety of coding skills which can be used in engineering, web-development, game design and building mobile apps.


We teach the importance of good design to ensure anything our students develop can easily be used by their intended audience.


We teach students to build mobile apps that will help them with their projects. Apps might be education based, games or utilities.


We teach students to use a range of web technologies to help them develop websites in order to communicate their ideas with others.

Basic Computing

Students are introduced to the basics of using a computer. This includes web browsing, email & word processing.




Why donate?

We are a small charity run by volunteers. We don’t spend your donations on UK salaries. Only our teachers in Bangladesh get paid.

We have a proven track record of working with young people and helping them gain valuable skills. Over the past 10 years we have provided training to more than 1000 students.


The CAFFE Charity Shop is our main source of income. It is run by volunteers, we have no paid staff in the UK so that all of the shop’s profits can go directly to the school on Bangladesh.

The shop sells a variety of donated goods such as clothes, books, DVDs, CDs and house hold items.

We also sell new F&F branded clothing donated by Tesco. All of these are sold at heavily reduced prices and stock is always changing.

We also sell some speciality items online: facebook.com/caffecharity

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