What is CAFFE?

CAFFE (Computers Are Free For Everyone) is a small charity that teaches computing skills to young people in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

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What we teach...

Group of students coding at computers

We teach students coding so that they can develop websites, apps and games. 

Boy showing design work on computer
Graphic Design

We teach graphic design skills so students can find work as freelance deisgners.

Girl working at computer
Web Development

We teach modern web design principles and use a variety of tools to teach students to make websites.

Students building robot crane

We teach basic  engineering so students can build and code electronic devices.



Students can find paid work from all over the world on freelance sites


Students have increased skills that go beyond school grades when looking for employment


Students develop skills can that can help them launch their own business

CAFFE's COVID-19 Response

In March 2020, lockdown rules were introduced in both the UK and Bangladesh as a result of COVID-19. At that time, we were forced to close our UK based charity shop as well as our school in Bangladesh. To save money we gave up our rented accommodation in Bangladesh.

For the foreseeable future we will be operating from the small school on CAFFE's own land. Students come two at a time and work in their own, sectioned off space. The teacher instructs remotely.

We have also loaned out a number of laptops to older students so that they can work at home.


We have a small number of dedicated supporters who donate each month to CAFFE.

Apart from that, our main source of income has been the CAFFE charity shop in Bedford. When COVID-19 struck we were forced into giving up the shop and now raise money through our shop website.

We are fortunate that TESCO donates brand new clothing to CAFFE which we sell to raise funds for the charity

Running Costs

£1200 per month

It costs £1200 per month to fund CAFFE. £950 of this is spent in Bangladesh. The rest is spent on on operating and advertising the CAFFE Shop.

Bangladesh Teachers

We employ 6 teachers in Bangladesh. All our teachers are from low-income families and most teachers are former CAFFE students


We have no paid staff in the UK. The charity and the CAFFE shop website is run entirely by the trustees and volunteers. 

CAFFE spending pie chart

CAFFE Expenditure

CAFFE Spending

CAFFE does not employ any staff in the UK. Our fundraising is managed by trustees and volunteers.

Currently, 79% of money raised is spent on the project in Bangladesh. In the UK, our expenses revolve around generating sales through the CAFFE shop website as well as advertising the site on Facebook.

In Bangladesh, our largest expense is on staff (we employ 6 teachers) and on building rent.

Our long term goal is to build our own school so that we can save money on rent.

© 2020. CAFFE is a registered charity and company in England and Wales. (Charity no. 1147000 | Company no. 7978453)
Registered office: 4 The Pyghtle, Westoning, MK45 5LJ 

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